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Otley Lions Changeover Barbecue 2017 On Sunday 25 th  June, Otley Lions drew their year to a close
Every   year   for   as   long   of   some   people   will   remember   Otley   Lions   Club   have   brought   Santa   to   the   town,   many   will   have fond   memories   of   visiting   Santa   in   his   grotto   at   Stephen   Smith’s   Garden   Centre.   It   is   the   great   relationship   between   the Otley   Lions   and   Stephen   Smiths   that   the   club   wanted   to   celebrate   in   this,   the   Lions   Centennial   year.   The   team   at   Smith’s have   been   fantastic,   not   only   with   Santa   each   and   every   year   but   also   helping   the   club   to   support   some   other   great   local causes. Within   Lions   Clubs   International   the   highest   recognition   that   can   be   awarded   is   the   Melvin   Jones   Fellowship.   The   award   is named   after   the   founder   of   Lions   Clubs   International   and   marks   outstanding   service   in   the   name   of   Lions   and   the   ethics   of the   organisation.   Normally   these   are   only   awarded   within   the   Lions   organisation,   but   there   are   times   when   a   club   wishes   to recognise   a   person   or   organisation   from   outside   of   Lions   who   has   really   helped   make   a   difference.      Stephen   H   Smith’s   have enjoyed   a   long   relationship   not   only   with   Otley   but   also   Keighley   Lions   club,   as   both   stores   and   both   clubs   have   worked closely over many years to make a real difference to some very worthy causes, raising thousands of pounds together. It   was   due   to   this   ongoing   support   from   the   Smith   family   and   the   staff   at   the   garden   centre,   that   Otley   Lions   Club   awarded them with a Melvin Jones Fellowship. Pictured   is   the   clubs   immediate   past   President   Gareth   Dibble   presenting   the   award   to   general   manager   Richard   Coggill   and some of the team from the Otley store .
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